White Lightning : Album Art

White LIghtning
Posted on: December 4th, 2010 by Jared Robinson

Enoch plays drums for the band ‘White Lightning’. He has some mad talent. It was through Enoch, that I soon met Steve (lead singer of White Lightning). With their soon approaching Full length Album coming out in early 2011, we started dreaming up ideas for their CD art. A couple ideas were attempted but didn’t seam to match the feeling of the album. Then Steve and Enoch came back with one final idea: a concept involving the oldschool childhood activity book page, where you need to find several hidden images within the Illustration.

With this concept nailed down, we wanted to include illustrations of each of the band members (Steve, Enoch, and Jason) as part of the image. The guys of W.L. then snapped a few photos of themselves around a kitchen table. From here, I used this as a reference for putting the rest of the illustration together.

The back of the album displays one hidden image per song, and the album title ‘See it all’ named after one of their songs, quite appropriately fits the theme of the album art.

If you haven’t heard these rock’n’rollers, I highly advise you don’t miss out on their killer tunes: White Lightning