The Artist enters its creation

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Posted on: April 2nd, 2012 by Jared Robinson

We were having a jam session in our living room one night with some friends.

I can’t remember which song it was, but my friend Clay Bolen started singing about the idea of a creator stepping down into its creation.

As an artist I create all the time. But how humbling and vulnerable would it be for me to actually enter my creation? Maybe that is why I don’t create dragons. they would probably burn me with their fire breath if I tried to say hello.

I’ve never been one to accept that everything is just coincidence on this planet. This got me thinking about the possibility of me being a creation. What if there is some Artist much larger than myself? What if this Artist created me? Why would it create me? What is the purpose? What if this Artist realized how many questions it’s creation had, so it decided to enter it’s masterpiece and become part of it? I mean, what an honor it is when I get to meet the artist behind a piece of art that i really admire.

…But put this thought in your refrigerator and let it give you the chills – how amazing would it be to meet the creator of yourself??


With the idea of the artist entering its creation, I began brainstorming how this could look (below left: is my first interpretation)

I enjoyed this thought (the painter entering his painting), but this ink illustration wasn’t doing it for me. It kind of looked like the artist was kicking its painting. So I went back to the drawing board, commissioned a steel fabrication shop to bend me up a metal canvas, and came up with a concept that was a little less literal, and a little more radical. (above right).

Check out the video of how this painting progressed…