Capturing “Shepherd” by Dave Calvert

Posted on: June 2nd, 2012 by Jared Robinson

PROCESS//. Dave and I have had many conversations about the creative process, encouraging each other to keep pursuing this vein of life. We found that no matter your craft, whether painting or videography or music, there are some similarities when it comes to the process of creation. There are ideas, there are hangups, there are doubts, there are attempts, there are re-writes, there is sharing, there is keeping.

ROUGH DRAFT//: Not every creation needs to be a masterpiece. Perhaps some creations only serve the purpose as a launchpad to the next creation, but if it wasn’t for this piece, the next would never have happened. It is for this reason that an artists sketchbook, or a writers notebook and crumpled lyrics are mini-masterpieces serving behind the scenes to support the main act. They may not be the showpiece that is shared with the world, but are a needed part in every artists process. As artists, I think we need to sometimes stop thinking and just start initiating, letting go of the fear of imperfection.

ENCOURAGEMENT//. We need to encourage one another to pursue creativity. Melanie and I wanted to support Dave in his music project, so we agreed to film him performing one of his songs. In this, we had the privilege of being part of Dave’s creative process, and sharing with him our process (and all along figuring out what our processes were going to be). We found that we not only got the job done, but found it extremely rewarding to be a part of this project. It spurred us on to new and greater ideas of what and where we could go as a next step, as I’m sure it did with Dave as well.¬†Encouraging others in creativity not only gives support to an idea, but could also be the catalyst to another idea.

VULNERABILITY//. Can I just ask that the next time you go to a concert or an art show, consider the process that the artist had to pine through to be able to share with you? It is an extremely vulnerable experience sharing your creation with others. You open yourself up to the viewer to scrutinize your piece. On one hand, why would anyone ever increase the possibility for rejection? On the other hand, there is something about sharing that will always trump withholding. In the same way, when an artist shares themselves, consider it is an honour to receive.

And for these reasons, thank you Dave for sharing your creation, and letting Melanie and I be a part of your process.