Displaying at the High Level Diner: August-October 2012

High Level Diner: Jared Robinson Art
Posted on: July 20th, 2012 by Jared Robinson

Diane approached me 2 years ago after seeing my work at the Art Walk.

She wanted my art in the High Level Diner.

This Diner is so amazing that there was literally a 2-year waiting list for art.
Nevertheless, stoked I was to display my art here for the months of August, September, and October of 2012.

If you are an artist, definitely pursue getting your art into this cafe, and if you are a food lover, definitely go eat in this cafe. The Lonely Planet deems the High Level Diner the #2 thing to do in Edmonton – Is it because they support local artists? Is it the food they serve? I think probably the combination sets it apart.

High Level Diner: 10912 88 Ave