10 Reasons Why

10 reasons
Posted on: October 9th, 2012 by Jared Robinson


List have been around for ages now. The reason why people use lists has varied over the years, from task lists outlining items to be completed, to mailing lists and shopping lists.¬†Lately, social media has become littered with links to articles containing lists of why or why we shouldn’t be doing certain behaviours.¬†It is getting out of control – Not because these lists are false, but because nobody realizes why these lists require 10 reasons. This is why I have decided to shed some light on why it is important that these lists have 10 points.

Ten is a number very easily countable using both hands – something most of us have.

Nine reasons would not be enough to make an accurate argument for or against something.

People look for credibility when looking to be convinced. Ten reasons gives just that.

People on the internet have a very short attention span. If they were given any more than ten reasons they would lose interest.

Ten is a number that is scientifically proven to register in the brain as an important number.

Insecurities run wild in this world. If there is a list of ten reasons that would back up your idea, then you are sufficiently validated.

God gave Moses 10 commandments, not four. There’s gotta be a spiritual component to lists of ten.

If you are learning another language, one of the main universal goals is to learn how to count to ten, not seven.

List are used to gain greater knowledge. If you have ten reasons that point you to greater knowledge, then you are really smart.

This tenth reason was needed to convince you that the previous nine reasons are credible.

I think we are all smarter now.
Thank you.