And 2 become 1.

Posted on: April 24th, 2013 by Jared Robinson

Melanie and I don’t shoot wedding videos often, but when ‘time on our side’ mixes with ‘awesome folks’, how could we say no?

Zab and Ruth approached me quite some time before their wedding day, asking if we could capture their day. So we said yes.
We knew the amazing photographers (picture above also thanks to 3Haus) who would be rocking their wedding as well, so we knew it would be fun teaming up with them. And it was.
We thought that all this was good enough reason to purchase a DSLR camera and join the party. So we did.

Triple high-fives go out to Zab and Ruth for planning such a spectacular wedding.
A mix between Celtic and Indian – It was colorful. It was full of life. It was beautiful. It was them.

Here is a snapshot into their big day: