Video Shoot : Ceramics that save.

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Posted on: January 7th, 2015 by Jared Robinson

FilterPure is a non-profit organization that makes and distributes ceramic water filters. These filters are used by families to turn dirty river water into fresh drinking water. These families become much healthier after using the filter, because they are no longer drinking bacteria-filled river water.

Lisa, the director of FilterPure, had been asking for a video for several years now, to help showcase what FilterPure is all about.

I struggled with this request because her factory is in the Dominican Republic, and my wife and I live in Canada. Option one, was to get her to film and send us footage of her factory to be edited together here. This didn’t seem ideal. But soon option two became apparent – Lets make a trip out of this, and go down and shoot this video for FilterPure. Lisa and her team were on board.

We decided to use the launch of my latest childrens book as a fundraiser to help us afford this venture.

Three months later, my wife Melanie and I boarded the plane with all our bags and our 7-month old daughter, Zola. Within a day, we went from -25 degrees to +25 degrees. We unpacked our camera equipment and started shooting. It was amazing to see the FilterPure factory and the in’s and out’s of how these filters are created. It was great to meet some of the impoverished families that used these filters, and how joyful they were even though they had nothing. We saw a woman carrying a piece of scrap aluminum to her house, to be used to help stop the leaks in her roof. We saw two flip-flop sandals nailed to the front door to replace a couple of the hinges. The gramma that lived in that house had just recently had her toes amputated to stop gang green from spreading. The little children had nothing, and yet they sported the biggest smiles.

As we approached the village we were going to be shooting in, a little boy came running up to Lisa and jumped into her arms. I could tell Lisa and her team were not only meeting a need with these filters, but they were also loving these families.

The video shoot took a good portion of a week to complete. Driving to and from locations, Lisa shared with us about the struggles and successes of working in the Dominican culture. There seems like a lot of adjustments and sacrifices to work through being in a culture like that, but it was very apparent that their hard work was saving lives.

Melanie and I feel blessed to have had this opportunity to create a video to help share their story.

The video we made for FilterPure ended up winning the International Ragan PR Daily 2014 video award in the Best Charitable/Non-for-Profit category.

We feel honored to receive this recognition, and know that this will be great exposure for the work Lisa and her team do. Below is the article Ragan PR Daily wrote: