Fly. [music video]

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Posted on: January 8th, 2015 by Jared Robinson

Deer & Coyote is a folk duo comprised of married couple Chanda and Danny Bosch.
Chanda had 2 albums under her belt when she married Danny. From there, Danny made himself a cello, taught himself to play it, and joined musical forces with Chanda – making them even more unstoppable.

06-09-2014 Chanda writes:
“I recently read an old journal entry from ’06 where my dear friend Jared Robinson and I were discussing the idea of a music video. EIGHT YEARS LATER, we finished recording the footage for a Deer & Coyote music video at the tower!”

Well, it finally happened.

With my equipment in tow, my brother Sean and his wife Jenny and I made our way out to Chanda and Danny’s fire tower. After second guessing our directions and a few wrong turns, Danny hopped in his car to come rescue us from our midnight disorientation, and lead us back to their cabin.

Danny had already set up a tent outside for me to stay in, so i could effectively avoid my pet allergies. Regardless, I had to cuddle their 2-week old kitten, Luna, and their part-husky-part-wolf, Timber.

The next day, we woke up slowly and caught up.

We then scouted around their property to check out some location options for shooting. Once we figured this out, Sean and Jenny helped us decorate the chosen areas. Then the shooting began. It went quite smoothly; the only two worries were the insane amount of mosquitos and waiting for the wind to die down so we could safely launch the lanterns.

All in all, it was a stellar few days, spent with fantastic people, and now we have this to show for it…