“Oh Deer”

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Posted on: January 5th, 2015 by Jared Robinson

I had commissioned a steel fabrication shop to bend me up 2 metal canvases. I had completed painting the first one, and was starting to plan out what I wanted to paint on the second one. I thought it would be cool to make the two metal canvases into a series and paint something similar on each of them. So I sketched an idea out, and was somewhat excited to paint it out.

I had monday off, and was getting stoked to get out the paints and get it done. I began the day with my good friend Boe, as we hit the gym at 6:00am, and followed it up with a hot tub session.

BUT … as we were sitting in the hot tub, i looked out the window and ¬†that is when the original idea for my painting was questioned. Mid-convo with Boe, my brain was challenged to switch my plan as I looked out the large east facing windows, and saw a little hill slightly dusted with fresh snow. On top of that hill sat two leafless trees.

It was at this time that Boe must have noticed my glazed over demeanor, deep in thought and obviously no longer paying attention to his current story he was telling me.

I proceeded to tell him my idea : two trees on top of a hill. a boy swinging on a tire swing from one of the trees. the land wouldn’t be a grassy hill though, but instead it would be the top of a deer’s head.

This idea would hopefully be a small depiction of a child’s mind as he plays; how to that child everything is alive and more grandeur that it may appear to anyone else.

Take a gander and watch how this painting unfolds…