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Posted on: April 13th, 2015 by Jared Robinson

It all started …without me.

I came into the conversation half-way through it.
The Program Director at Sonic 102.9 asked one of their friends who their favorite local artist was.
It just so happened their friend was also my friend, and that friend really appreciated my art. (thanks Shaun)

I am honored. and humbled. and filled with gratitude.

And with that, they called me in to inquire about decorating their studio with some art.
First things first, we started with the door to the studio. It needed to be jazzed up, and the ideas swimming around were brilliant.

“We’re thinking of a cyclops king-kong kind of character holding onto a radio tower.”
“His one eye could be the Sonic logo.”
“Can you do that?”

“I love the ideas floating around Sherri, I’m in!”

As the cyclops was wrapping up, Sonic was launching a contest to their listeners to come up with art for their upcoming Sonic Sessions Volume 3 album. I asked if I was able submit to this contest as well. They confirmed, and reiterated that the contest winner would be decided by a vote put out to their listeners.

I accepted the challenge.

I blasted my wood canvas with watered-down house paint as the base.
I then sketched my sloth.
My brother suggested a ukelele, and that was sheer brilliance. (Thanks Sean)
I then sketched in my ukelele, mixed some paint, and made that little guy sing (with a sly grin).
My brother-in-law named it – “Slow Jam”, and that too was sheer brilliance. (Thanks Daren)

I clicked submit.

A couple weeks later all the submissions were in.
Sonic narrowed it down to 10 pieces of art to vote on.
I looked at the competition, and it was fierce.
Some mighty fine artists in this city. Mighty fine, i say! (Here’s to you Caitlin, and the other 8)

Skip ahead a few weeks, and I’m en route back from a weekend snowbording trip in Jasper.
I received a call from Sonic while ordering an Ice Cap at Timmy’s in Edson.
I shuffled my change to the cashier and said hello.
BAM! What!!?? it did??? I won??? WHOAH!

Again… I am honored. and humbled. and filled with gratitude.

May the sloth live on – Thank you.

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