Driving home a serious issue with comedy

Posted on: October 3rd, 2017 by Jared Robinson

I have recently had the privilege of creating several distracted driving commercials, to be shown in Cineplex Theatres across the city.

Along with a couple others geniuses on the team, we sat down to discuss ideas. We put every concept onto the drawing table. When it comes to distracted Driving, graphic and gore and shocking advertising has already been done. People get it. So instead, we decided to go with a ‘bizarre and comical’ approach.

We needed to fit an effective understandable concept into a 15 second commercial.

We landed on our first concept, and then I storyboarded it out so we could get a sense of timing and story.

We Met with Fort Edmonton Park and immediately found both our location and our horse and handler. Soon after, we locked in our Actor, Mark Muz, who came with the look and acted the part perfectly. (sorry Mark! – we made him tumble several times).

After seeing the finished product, high fives were handed out and we were asked to make 4 more in the series.

Back to the drawing table.
More zany ideas thrown out. One stuck.
Time to sketch it up…

We met with the Edmonton Aviation Museum and they were fully on board and supported us. They had a simulation cockpit that would work perfectly.


We fired up the wind, glistened up the turkey, and pressed record.

With our third, we decided to go with a more subtle, slow burn approach.

Storyboard-Comp-AIRPLANE web

No big splashes or crashes in this one, but still effective in showing the stupidity of distracted driving.

For the fourth in this series, we teamed up with the Fairmont Hotel and followed around the bellhop.

After some fun comments and suggestions from the public to use cycling as an analogy, we made our fifth.