Whyte Ave Art Walk

Art Walk 2019 promo location
Posted on: May 25th, 2018 by Jared Robinson

Its helped me launch my art to the next level, and its helped numerous people decorate their homes with local art.The Whyte Avenue Art Walk is my favourite Event of the summer.

Concerts are fun. Outside concerts are even better.
Its the same with Art.
And this is a massive outdoor walk-through Art Gallery.

I have been doing the art walk for 10+ years now, with only a 1-summer gap when my first daughter was born.


It is a vulnerable task, for artists of any kind, to share their work with others, but i think this is my favourite part of this festival. An elderly lady walks in and stares at a piece of art for several minutes, and then slowly smirks and says, “thank you.” A group of kids stop by all launching out questions at the same time about their favourite piece. The repeat fans that check in yearly. Choosing my lunch options by seeing the variety of local snacks people are munching on as they pass by. I love it all.


I enjoy the conversations I have with people as they wander through my display, and the high-fives encourage me to keep creating for future shows.

Come see me this year at the Whyte Avenue Art Walk 2018, on July 5-7, from 10am-5pm daily.
I will be set up just south of Whyte avenue on 105 street (Between Remedy Cafe and Chianti).
High-Fives are waiting for you!