About Jared Robinson

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Life is a gift – It is both subtle and substantial. It is both whimsical and wise. It can be taken for granted, but when appreciated its meaning becomes a source of strength.

I like to take an idea, whether a moment of connection or a situation felt, and create a time and space around it on the canvas. I enjoy experimenting and getting my ideas out in a way that words may not do justice.

When I experience the world, I know in those moments that I am only experiencing a snapshot of reality. Because of the experience of both that which I can and cannot see, and because of the enormous scope of our world, my faith both informs and interprets my experience. When I consider that scope, I become all too aware of my own smallness and frailty, awareness that drives my deep inner awe for life. I often find it hard to stop life and think about it …my hope is that my art will help allow a space for this reflection.

I enjoy music for two reasons: One – for its jingle, and Two – for the words and meaning it conveys. It is a bonus when I find a song that gives me both of these. Similar to music, I try to bring across both aesthetic presence and significance in my art


In 1987 when I was 8 years old, I created my very first paintings named “Pooh Bear on a train track with some honey by a window”. Since then, my art has developed through self-education, some formal education, and life experience. Since receiving my digital arts diploma, I have been actively pursuing painting, video production, illustration, and design. More of my work can be seen at www.eye-catchers.ca

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